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Bengals ask offense to test Burfict, Jones; Andy Benoit evaluates training camp

The MMQB attended Bengals training camp on Wednesday and left with some interesting takeaways. Check them out here.

The MMQB crew attended Bengals training camp on Wednesday to watch the joint practice with the Vikings.

You should definitely check out their write up from Albert Breer and his thoughts from practice here. One of the more interesting things in the article was Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther saying he’s asking the Bengals offense to push the defense to test their constraint and ability to hold back on fighting.

“If you lose it here, you’re gonna lose it in a game,” Guenther told Breer. “They’re (Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones) two very good players, very competitive guys. They want to win at everything. Every drill. Everything. They don’t want to lose at anything. That’s how I want them to be. But they have to understand, they’re flagged by other teams. Other teams are going to try to get them out of their game, by doing some other things to them. They have to take the next step as a pro and walk away.”

This is certainly true and it’s an interesting way to challenge the Bengals’ defense to take the next step forward, a step that hopefully will prevent some of the after-the-whistle antics that contributed to January’s Wild Card loss. And according to Breer, the Bengals coaches are pleased with what they’ve seen so far in using this method of testing the defense.

Additionally, as he often does during the NFL season, The MMQB’s Andy Benoit Tweeted out a variety of notes in regards to Bengals camp, specifically on Andy Dalton. The Tweets are quite insightful, so we’re going to share some here. (I recommend following Benoit for his great Tweets all season long!)

This has and should continue to be one of Dalton’s strengths.