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Video Mailbag: Bengals injury updates and preseason goals

We took to Facebook Live to answer some fan questions and give updates on the status of some injured Bengals players. Watch and listen as we address some of the issues facing Cincinnati’s team!

The Cincinnati Bengals have officially taken the field for the 2016 season, and though they suffered a loss in the preseason opener, there are positives to be taken away as the team moves forward.

Some of the young up-and-comers and other back end roster players made some nice plays against the Vikings, speaking to the widely-discussed depth the team has amassed over the past few years.

Even so, injuries have hit the Bengals at an incredible rate just a couple of weeks into training camp. Both starters and backups have suffered varying degrees of ailments, truly testing the viability of Cincinnati’s roster. In this video, we not only address the positives to be taken out of the 17-16 preseason opener loss to Minnesota, but also update you on the most recent happenings with the club, while also answering your questions on our Facebook page.

If we didn’t get to one of your questions in this live session, we have been answering fan questions on our new The Orange and Black podcast, so be sure to tune into the show—either via the website or iTunes!

Bengals preseason updates and your questions!

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