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A.J. Green says he would miss a game if his first child is born on gameday

A.J. Green is making it clear now that, when his child arrives, he will be there to see it, even if it means missing a game.

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

One of the most special moments one can have in life is witnessing the birth of their child.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green and his wife, Miranda Brooke, will be welcoming their first child this fall. As you can imagine, Green is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his baby boy (who he and his wife are planning to name Easton Ace Green), who is expected to come on Sept. 30, the day after the Bengals host the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

A projected delivery date doesn’t actually mean the baby will be delivered that day. That's why Green and the Bengals need to be prepared for the possibility that the baby could be born on the day of a game.

That's something Green is already commenting on with the due date about a month away. On Thursday, he stated that he won't miss the birth of his child. Period.

Obviously, it would be a huge loss to the Bengals offense if Green ends up missing a game this year, but of course, no one should even hesitate to support Green wanting to see his child brought into this world.

If it ends up costing him a game, so be it. Life is more important than football, and no parent should put football over getting to see the birth of their child.

In addition to the Dolphins game on Spet. 29, other games in that range include at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 18, home vs the Denver Broncos on Sept. 25, at the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 9, and at the New England Patriots on Oct. 16.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that Green gets to be there when his child is born.