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Coach Talk: Interpreting Marvin Lewis' training camp press conference

Marvin Lewis held a press conference on Thursday. What did he say, and more importantly, what did he really mean? We try to decipher the differences.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With a week of training camp in the books, Marvin Lewis hosted a press conference to give the media a chance to ask questions which have germinated since the opening of camp. And while the illustrious staff of Cincy Jungle was not invited, it is still a valuable opportunity to gauge the team's current status from the mouth of the man who is closest to the situation.

Unfortunately, like most head coaches, Marvin Lewis can be prone to answer some questions with obscured content and expected cliches. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves in a seriously non-serious endeavor to cut through the "coach speak" and interpret what he probably meant to say.

What was asked: You're doing a lot of different times and venues in camp...
What Marvin Lewis actually said: We do try to break the monotony of camp. It gives the guys something new, something to look forward to.
What he probably meant to say: We've caught all of the Pokemon at Paul Brown Stadium at at the practice field. So we need to go look for more.

What was asked: Is it good to get Vontaze Burfict back?
What Marvin Lewis actually said: Yes. We'll bring him back slowly. We'll try to bring him back slowly.
What he probably meant to say: Child please. Is the pope Catholic?

What was asked: How is Tyler Eifert progressing?
What Marvin Lewis actually said: He's doing well. We're able to do more functional work now, so that will give us a pretty good indication the next three weeks or so, which will be exciting.
What he probably meant to say: Good question. Ask me next week.

What was asked: Do you have any more clarity as to the extent of William Jackson's injury?
What Marvin Lewis actually said: Yeah. He's had an injury, and he's going to have a surgery that's going to re-attach his pectoral muscle. But we anticipate that he has an opportunity still to play this football season.
What he probably meant to say: Just what you've read on Cincy Jungle. He has an injury. He needs surgery.

What was asked: I know it's just practice, but what are you looking for out of Vontaze Burfict today, as he practices for the first time this year?
What Marvin Lewis actually said: I'm not looking for anything special out of Vontaze. Just go out and practice and do his job. This is not an eye-opening day for Vontaze Burfict, so nothing special out of him. Just stay healthy.
What he probably meant to say: I'm looking for him to go a day without Roger Goodell suspending him.

What was asked: Is there any update on Tyler Kroft and his injury?
What Marvin Lewis actually said: I know where they are, I know when they’ll be ready and we’ll be fine. And we won’t expose them to any more injury. But they’ll be ready when it’s time to go.
What he probably meant to sayIt's camp. Camp is nothing but an injury waiting to happen. So he's going to sit until the regular season.
What was asked: Do you have to change your approach with the tight ends, given all the injuries?
What Marvin Lewis actually said: No. We’ve got a couple other young guys that need to show whether or not they deserve to stay around here. That’s good.
What he probably meant to say: No. That's what camp bodies are for - to take up space when a player who is going to make the roster can't practice.

It can often be difficult to shovel through the "coach speak" and figure out what is really being said. Hopefully our efforts to interpret coach Lewis' words will help you better understand what he meant to say underneath the veil of what he actually said.