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NFL Preseason 2016: Packers vs Colts Hall of Fame Game cancelled

Let’s talk football... if it happens.

Football is back! The first game of the 2016 preseason is finally here and even though it’s not the Bengals, it’s football!

But.... hold on... the preseason may not actually begin tonight. Apparently, the field in Canton was painted with the incorrect paint today, creating what’s been described as “concrete-like” and “tar” parts of the field. This paint is in the center of the field as well as in the end zones.

There’s great concern about the safety of the field and whether the game will actually be played.

The Colts and Packers are supposed to kickoff the NFL preseason at 8:00 p.m. on ESPN, but it appears, at a minimum that the game will be delayed, if it’s played at all.

If the game ends up happening, we’ll discuss the action here! But... if it’s cancelled, we can just laugh about how on earth this happened.

It looks like we’ll be watching the Olympics tonight...