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Bengals 2016 pronunciation guide: How to say each player’s name like a pro

How do you pronounce Cedric Ogbuehi, C.J. Uzomah, Jake Kumerow, Darqueze Dennard and other Bengals players’ names? Find out here in the 2016 Bengals pronunciation guide.

NFL: 2015 NFL Draft Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of the Bengals’ first preseason game of the season, the team has released its first weekly release of the season. Among the interesting tidbits found in this release is a pronunciation guide for the Bengals players whose names you may not be sure how to pronounce.

This is handed out to the broadcaster and announcers for each Bengals broadcast, but, you’ll still hear many national broadcasters pronounce Bengals’ players names incorrectly all season. Check out the guide and you’ll be able to correct them (to your friends) when they undoubtedly mis-pronounce a player’s name .

While it’s unclear if the Bengals were trying to make a point by saying Vontaze Burfict rhymes with perfect, we dig it.


Geno Atkins: JEE-no

Chykie Brown: CHAH-kee

Vontaze Burfict: VONN-tez BER-fict (rhymes with “perfect”)

Darqueze Dennard: dar-KWEZ deh-NARD

Jayson DiManche: dih-MAHNCH

Clayton Fejedelem: FEDGE-uh-lemm (the “d” is silent)

Marquis Flowers: mar-KEECE (rhymes with “peace”)

George Iloka: ie(rhymes with “tie”)-LO-kuh

Dre Kirkpatrick: DRAY

Jeff Luc: pronounced as “Luke”

Rey Maualuga: RAY mow(rhymes with “now”)-uh-LOO-guh

Domata Peko: DOE-mah-tah PECK-o

Vincent Rey: RAY

Derron Smith: duh-RONN

Margus Hunt: MAR-guss


Giovani Bernard: jee-o-VAHN-ee

Russell Bodine: BO-dine

Andrew Bonnet: BAHN-ett

Tra Carson: (pronounced as “tray”)

Tyler Eifert: IE(rhymes with “tie”)-fert

Antwane Grant: ann-TWAYN

Ryan Hewitt: HUE-it

Jake Kumerow: KOO-mer-o

Matt Lengel: LENG-guhl (hard “g” on second syllable)

Joe Licata: lih-KAH-tuh

Cedric Ogbuehi: o-BWAY-hee

Rashaun Simonise: ruh-SHAWN SIE(rhymes with “tie)-monn-ize

C.J. Uzomah: yew-ZAH-mah

John Weidenaar: WIDE-nar

Kevin Zeitler: ZITE-ler


Ken Zampese (offensive coordinator): zam-PEE-zee

Bill Lazor (quarterbacks coach): pronounced as “laser”

Paul Guenther (defensive coordinator): GUN-thur

Jim Haslett (linebackers coach): HAZ-lett