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Opposing Outlook: What New York Jets fans think of the Bengals in Week 1

Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for Jets fanscomments on the upcoming game.

When the Bengals solidified a home game in the 2009 NFL playoffs, they still had some regular season business to take care of. They had to travel to the Meadowlands, to face the Jets in a must win game for the New York team. I went to the game, which was flexed to Sunday night and the Bengals got dismantled. That’s probably a good thing for me at the time. You see, on my way into the stadium a concerned Jets fan pulled me aside and said, “If the Bengals beat us tonight, you may want to try and leave early, because you will probably get stabbed.”

That my friends, is what I think of when I think of a Jets fan. Well, that and these guys:

So as I peruse the comments sections at Gang Green Nation, I find a common theme. Mostly rational Jets fans. Take this comment:


set up to win? The bengals are an elite team that came off of one of the worst most undeserving playoff loses ever. They have so many really good players. I, for one, do not believe for one second that green is "capable of blazing right by" Revis at all, but I have a lot of respect for their roster. Such a physical D and O line. A top 10 team for sure.

Hat tip to the playoff loss comment, we feel the same way. Some Jets fans talk about confidence, or lack thereof, and get responses like:


We’re Jets fans. We have no confidence in anything.

Our QB is a noodle armed journeyman. Our RB is over the hill. Our WRs are also old. And our line is a bunch of cast offs.

Except our Center. We have confidence in our Center…….well, kind of.

I love these people! Beaten down by the past but still holding on to a sense of humor. Not all Jets fans share this lack of optimism though, some are very confident in their chances on Sunday.

Feeling Good

The lack of offensive weapons that the Bengals have outside of Green are really making me feel optimistic about this game. Our secondary has contained as good if not better WRs or at least not allow them to blow the lid off the game. With our front 7, I’m really confident that we can hold the Bengals under 17 and that we can put up at least 21. Definitely feeling a W here

That sentiment is shared by others, too:

I totally agree with respect to this opponent

Cincy has no legitimate receiving options besides Green. LaFell is old, Boyd is young, Eifert is injured. Let’s put our best guy on their best guy, but don’t forget about him — give Revis help as much as he needs. We don’t need to bring up last year’s Texans game again (although I just did)

What happened in that game? The Texans only beat up on the Jets with their three quarterback of the season. Even wide out Cecil Shorts completed a touchdown pass against this “stellar” pass defense. I am pretty sure Darrelle Revis suffered a concussion from being beat so bad in the passing game. There was no island that game. But, I digress, back to the cockiness of the Jets fans:

Jets should win by at least 14

Dunlap and Atkins are a concern, but kind of like Mo, neither are type of guy to take over and wreck a game. They’ll make some plays, but I don’t think they’ll change our game plan. Revis on the #2, crowd Green, snuff the run per usual… Little Red better get the ice tub ready.


BMarsh is gonna make Pacman his prison stitch, and there’s absolutely no answer for Decker. Please please please stick a rookie corner on Decker. And I expect Forte/Powell to steal cheap yards on early downs to keep us in preferable down and distances.

Tigers tamed.

Then the talk of the Bengals being overrated.

Bengals are the most overrated team in the league, long overdue for a crash back to mediocrity.

Dalton is overrated. AJ is thinking about bein a dad. Injuries up the tookus. On the road. Up against a real defense rather than that AFC North weakness.

Every year a previously "bad" team emerges and a previously "good" team takes a fall. Bengals fall this year. Lost your OC and a ton of talent. Marvin’s run is done. Back to bottom where you belong. Your a 7-9 team. We should beat 7-9 type teams by 14.

Don’t forget:

Bengals really have no business being on the field with us.

Rational thought was the overall theme in the comments though, which was refreshing to read after being inundated with the mouth-breathers the Bengals faced in the postseason.

In a vacuum I'd be worried about the Bengals because they just are a better and more balanced team

But for some reason we cannot be beat Week 1. Jets win. BOOK IT

Love the user name for the last commenter “whydoesgodhateus“.