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It’s time to get excited about Bengals football

It’s the start of the season and I’m excited. Are you? You should be! The Bengals have a chance to start the year with a win against the Jets and set the tone for another winning season.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

The 2016 NFL season is kicking off and there’s no time to be more excited about Bengals football than right now.

We don’t know how the season is going to turn out and anything could happen, but that anything includes the Bengals going 19-0 and raising their first Lombardi Trophy. Maybe Jeremy Hill will lead the NFL in rushing yards, or maybe Andy Dalton will break the Bengals’ single-season touchdown record. Let’s say Tyler Boyd wins offensive rookie of the year; what if! A.J. Green will attempt to make the Pro Bowl for his sixth straight season and record another 1,000 plus yard season as he’s already done for five years in a row. Could Vontaze Burfict come back in Week 4 and end up leading the NFL in tackles? Yes! Any of these things are possible because Week 1 begins for the Bengals in just a few hours and the team has yet to begin to prove what they’ll do this year.

So before kickoff, before Andy Dalton throws his first pass and before Geno Atkins records his first sack, consider all the reasons it’s great to be a Bengals fan. Let’s put the past in the past and remember that this season is this season and last season doesn’t matter, nor does the 2014 season or the 1992 season, or any past year of Bengals football.

The Bengals are about to begin their 2016 season against the Jets and as they do, it’s time to get excited! It’s a great time to be Bengals fans, so let’s go out and support the team we all love.

Who Dey!?