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The Orange and Black Insider: Previewing Bengals vs Jets with Gang Green Nation

On this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider, John Butchko of SB Nation’s Gang Green Nation blog to preview the season opener between the Bengals and the Jets.

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We discussed a lot of topics on episode No. 7 of The Orange and Black Insider, ranging from headlines outside of the world of the Bengals, as well as previewing the team’s season opener against the Jets. John Butchko of SB Nation’s Gang Green Nation Jets blog joined us to preview Week 1 from the New York perspective.

We asked John his expectations of the game and his take on how the team is looking going into Week 1, given some of the major storylines surrounding the club this preseason. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s play the preseason after a contract stalemate with the club this offseason and the impact of Sheldon Richardson’s suspension.

“Do you think (Darrelle) Revis is still capable of locking down any receiver, regardless of circustance,” Connor Howe asked Butchko on one of the other issues on the minds of Bengals fans.

“I think he’s capable of it, but I don’t think he’s as much of a sure thing as he used to be,” Butchko responded. “Back in his heyday, 2009-2010, whenever you sent him out against a receiver, you knew that receiver wasn’t going to get anything that day. Now you’re not quite as sure. You feel confident Revis can go out there and win his battle, you’re not surprised if he does, but you’re also not as shocked to see some of these elite receivers go out and have a game against him.”

Later in the interview, I asked John about some prominent Bengals starters going up against Jets players stepping into a starting role for the first time. Under the microscope is right tackle Ben Ijalana, who is filling in for Breno Giacomini and set to go up against Carlos Dunlap.

“I don’t think you’ll see a big drop-off between Giacomini and Ijalana. The reason I don’t think there will be a big drop-off isn’t because I think the backup is that great, it’s because Giacomini is one of the lower-rated starting right tackles in the league. The matchup against the Bengals concerns me and I think that this offense is predicated on spreading the field and getting the ball out quickly to neutralize the pass rush, more than it is about having your offensive line stone rushers.”

Have a look and/or listen at the interview below. You can follow the podcast on Twitter @BengalsOBI, download the show on iTunes, or subscribe to our SoundCloud account and YouTube channel. Thanks to John Butchko for joining us and thanks to you for listening!