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Bengals vs Jets: Predict the final game score

It's time to share your Week 1 prediction for the Bengals vs Jets game.

John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Bengals take on the Jets in the regular season opener today at 1:00 p.m. ET. And as we did last year, each gameday morning we'll be asking you to predict the final score of the game.

So, here's your chance to act like a psychic and predict the final game outcome. You might just be right!

The Bengals had the seventh most points in the NFL last year, with 419, averaging out to 26.18 points per game. That number was higher before Andy Dalton's Week 14 injury. The Jets ranked 11th in points over the course of the season with a total of 387, averaging out to 24.18 points per game.

This should be a hard-fought win for the team that pulls away 1-0 to start the season. Will it be the Bengals? We'll find out later today, but before we do, record your prediction in the above widget and feel free to share it in the comments for bragging rights. Those with the closest predictions (in the comments section) will get a shoutout next week.

Who Dey!?