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Week 1 Horrible Headlines: Enough with “The Patriot Way”

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We get it, everyone. The Patriots are a good football team.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With Week 1 coming to a close, it’s officially overreaction season in the NFL. And because four games were decided by one point or fewer, fans of several teams will rightfully be going insane this week. The Chargers lost superstar receiver Keenan Allen to a second consecutive season-ending injury before blowing an 18-point lead and losing to their division rival Chiefs. The Panthers and Cardinals both lost on botched kick attempts, and the Saints lost on a two-point conversion. Cue the overreactions.

Disclaimer: This column is for entertainment purposes only. Constantly scanning through so many headlines, it’s only natural for me to find some head-turners — and because I enjoy making fun of the money-hungry industry that is the national media, here are my horrible headlines for the week.

It's Time for Bill Belichick to Teach Jimmy Garoppolo the True Patriot Way

I’ve had beef with Jason Cole before, though I’m 99 percent sure he has no idea who I am. To get to where Cole is in the industry, it’s safe to assume he’s done some good work — but the guy’s perpetual need to push cliché headlines on a seemingly weekly basis drives me off the wall.

“The Patriot Way” is one of the most overused clichés in sports. In this article, Cole makes the assertion that “The Patriot Way” occurs when Bill Belichick points out players’ flaws in game tape, even after a big win. If that’s the case, I’m pretty sure every team in the NFL implements this mantra, as it would take a terrible coach to celebrate his players and ignore their flaws in the film room. Enough with this though, I’m going to pull “The Patriot Way” of journalism and smoothly transition back into my original point.

No one really knows what “The Patriot Way” is — the saying only exists because New England’s football team has been historically incredible in the Tom Brady-Belichick era.

Some fans think The Patriot Way is patriotism.

To others, it’s humility.

To some, Devin McCourty and Martellus Bennett’s standing up for perceived injustice represents the mantra.

Those in disagreement, however — mind you, these people are fans of the same team — believe the two players exemplified the exact opposite of The Patriot Way.

To many others, The Patriot Way simply means winning games.

Patriots fans, feel free to let me know what “The Patriot Way” really means. I’ll be here all day.

Insider Buzz: Chargers Veterans Upset That Joey Bosa Is Unlikely to Play Week 1

I really didn’t want to pile onto Cole, but in looking for overreactions to the Chargers’ loss — most of which just blamed the coaching staff — I couldn’t find anything I deemed a terrible headline. Then I ran into this gem.

Anything deemed “Insider Buzz” on Bleacher Report quickly loses my attention, because to me, “Insider Buzz” reads “Trying to Spread Rumors.” Of course Cole, who loves to re-hash controversial storylines, would “report” on veterans being upset Bosa is unlikely to play in Week 1. But is it actually true?

As soon as Bosa signed in San Diego, the entire team embraced him. Offensive guard Orlando Franklin shared a hilarious photo (below), encapsulating the defensive line’s excitement to have the youngster working with the position group after a very long holdout.

Head coach Mike McCoy, defensive end Corey Liuget and linebacker Joshua Perry all praised the newest addition to San Diego’s roster, according to’s Ricky Henne. Veteran team leaders such as Brandon Mebane, Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates were all reportedly excited to see the rookie back as well, so forgive me for not trusting the “Insider Buzz” on this one.

And as Chargers fans pointed out in the comments, Cole also proclaimed the Chargers’ moving to Los Angeles was a done deal, reported “irreparable damage” between Bosa and the team, reported Adrian Peterson would be traded in 2014 and reported Patrick Willis would be coming out of retirement later on.

Robert Griffin III injury: Will Johnny Manziel replace him?

Okay, I think we found a winner for this week. Nothing further needed.