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Bengals Bytes (9/13): Backfired

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The Jets torched a Bengals jersey pregame on Sunday. Ryan Shazier leaves Monday Night’s game with a knee injury. South Park is back, and Collin Kaepernick is their first target.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

A proud moment for Zampese in debut as OC

A little over an hour after the Cincinnati Bengals opened their season with a 23-22 victory over the New York Jets on Sunday, a game in which the offense put up 381 total yards – a number that would have been the third-highest total New York’s fourth-ranked defense allowed a year ago – Ken Zampese had to take a call.

No Bengals trash talking with Steelers ... not yet, anyway

CINCINNATI — It took the Bengals a long time to get over that playoff loss to Pittsburgh. The trash talking on social media went on for many weeks, with neither side willing to give up the grudge. The Bengals are minding their manners heading into the rematch — for now, anyway.

Cincinnati Bengals saying little as Steelers week begins

Not long after Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis settled into his seat for his Monday press conference did the topic turn from Sunday’s win against the Jets to the upcoming game against the Steelers.

An inside look at A.J. Green's vacation on Revis Island (much to Jets' chagrin)

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis didn't have a good game defending A.J. Green, but it wasn't as bad as you might think. Here are the details on each of Green's 12 catches, who was in coverage and what happened on the plays.

Cincinnati Bengals report card from New York Jets game

In his first game as offensive coordinator, Ken Zampese didn’t give up on the run despite its general ineffectiveness, and Giovani Bernard’s two rushes for 17 yards on the drive after the Jets had closed to within 20-19 were key to giving a tired Cincinnati defense a rest.

Tailgate Fun: Jets Fans Torch Andy Dalton Jersey

Jets fans welcomed the NFL season by burning an Andy Dalton jersey during tailgate festivities. The tailgating scene was expectedly lit, as Jets fans were more than thrilled to burn their first jersey of the season — Andy Dalton.

How has Cincinnati Bengals-Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry changed NFL?

The Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers have become one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL over the past decade, and for good reason. The Bengals-Steelers matchups have become knockdown, drag-out fights each time they play. There have been as many flags, penalties and fines lately as there have been brutal hits.

Cincinnati Bengals refusing to talk about postseason loss to Pittsburgh Steelers

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones didn't even hesitate once he saw the group of reporters near his locker. "I ain't talking about Pittsburgh," Jones said. It must be Steelers week. Last year, the Bengals and Steelers couldn't stop talking about each other. But now that the AFC North rivals are set to face off again on Sunday, the Bengals aren't intersted in adding any fuel to the fire.

AFC North Bytes

Robert Griffin III likely out awhile with 'potentially serious' shoulder injury; Josh McCown set to start vs. Ravens

RG3 could be out awhile with his left shoulder injury and Josh McCown is expected to start Sunday vs. the Ravens. Josh McCown, who set a club record with 457 yards passing in an overtime victory over the Ravens last season, is set to get the nod.

Shazier leaves game with knee injury, won’t return

Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has left Monday night's game with the Redskins due to a knee injury. The Steelers first announced that Shazier was questionable to return, then later in the fourth quarter announced that he's out for the game.

John Harbaugh: Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco 'tough as a $2 steak'

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco held up well in his first regular-season game in 10 months. Flacco was sacked four times by the Buffalo Bills and was hit a total of nine times in Sunday's 13-7 win. Each time, Flacco bounced up from the ground right away.

Random Bytes

South Park parodies Colin Kaepernick in new trailer (Video)

In its 20th season, which kicks off on Wednesday, South Park will parody the Colin Kaepernick saga. The episode, titled “Member Berries,” includes a “rebooted” national anthem, according to Deadline. This trailer, released on South Park’s YouTube page, appears to be just that.

For Sean McDonough, ‘Monday Night Football’ has long been special

Mondays always felt special. On Sundays, Sean McDonough’s father was usually in a press box or on the road. But on Monday nights, they could sit on the couch together and watch football as a family. McDonough called it “appointment television.”

Jon Gruden's 2016 All-Grinders Team

A lot of NFL players flash production from time to time. You'll see them on the plays of the week, but then they disappear and you cannot count on them consistently. The 25 guys on my 2016 All-Grinders Team heading into the season have never been named to the Pro Bowl, but every one of them is a day-to-day, down-to-down producer. These are disciplined, tough and often overlooked players -- many from humbler backgrounds.

Video: Matthew Stafford got #MAD at his teammates on the game-winning drive

Don’t get Matthew Stafford angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Matthew Stafford led the Detroit Lions on another game-winning drive on Sunday night in Indianapolis. However, it wasn’t easy. Besides the fact that Stafford and the Lions offense had just 37 seconds to get the team in field goal position, he didn’t get much help from his teammates in terms of clock-management.

Yes, the NFL specifically outlaws 'choreographed celebrations.' That's dumb and not fun.

In Sunday night’s game between New England and Arizona, former Patriot Chandler Jones recovered a New England fumble that gave the Cardinals great field position. Afterwards, he and teammate D.J. Swearinger did a little dance.

Adam Schefter's deeply personal story of 9/11

15 years ago on September 11th, nearly 3,000 people were killed -- and thousands more had a wrecking ball taken to the world they knew. It is not, nor will it ever be, forgotten. Adam Schefter has the story on one man that had an enormous impact.

NFL: Examining TV coverage of opening weekend

We observe how various networks covered the NFL opening weekend and how ESPN produced a story about Adam Schefter and his connection to 9/11.

49ers Defense Provides Bright Spot in Otherwise Lackluster MNF Win over Rams

A year ago at this time, the San Francisco 49ers gave us the annual "huh?" Week 1 result when they beat the Minnesota Vikings 20-3. Then they won four more games and fired their head coach. At least then we knew the Vikings would be a quality NFL team in 2015, or at minimum a competent one. The Los Angeles Rams haven't been either for quite some time.