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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Bengals climbing after beating Jets

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The Bengals are on the rise following their Week 1 thriller in New York. Some are ranking Cincinnati as high as the top five in this week’s power rankings.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A win is a win, but for the Bengals, winning on the road against a playoff-caliber team is a great way to kick off the 2016 season.

Cincinnati went into New York and came away with one of the most impressive wins any team had in Week 1. Even though it was just a one-point escape, beating a 10-win team in their house is always a big accomplishment, which is why the Bengals are trending up in the latest round of NFL Power Rankings.

Our friends at SB Nation have Cincinnati rising two spots to take over the No. 4 spot this week. They even have the Bengals two spots ahead of the Steelers, and both AFC North rivals will clash in Pittsburgh this week.

It’s going to be fun to watch the horse race between the Steelers and the Bengals to win the AFC North. Not as fun as it will be watching them face off in the playoffs again, though.

At, Elliot Harrison put the Bengals up a spot at No. 8 in his latest ranking.

Now that's how you start making people shut up, Andy Dalton. The Bengals' franchise -- that's right, franchise -- quarterback shook off seven sacks to make plays when his team needed it on Sunday. Would you believe that was the first time Cincinnati beat the Jets in New York in 10 meetings?

The first loss there came in the last game of their inaugural season, in 1968, against Joe Namath and the eventual Super Bowl champion Jets. Back to Sunday: How about A.J. Green catching 12 freaking balls for 180 yards and a touchdown? Making Revis Island look more like Revis Port.

Over at USA Today Sports, the Bengals did not move at all while coming in at No. 8. At least they gave Andy Dalton credit for guiding the Bengals to a come-from-behind win.

Andy Dalton withstood a relentless beating (7 sacks), made the most of a stripped-down receiving corps and led a clutch drive in his return.

Yahoo Sports' Frank Schwab has Cincinnati holding steady at No. 7

We found out how the Bengals will react to losing their Nos. 2 and 3 receivers in the offseason and being without tight end Tyler Eifert the first few weeks of this season. They’ll just throw to A.J. Green every down. Looked like a good plan in Week 1.

If you followed the ESPN rankings last year, you'd know they are easily the most inconsistent of all the major rankings. That held true to form this week, as they somehow dropped the Bengals down two spots to No. 9.

Let Week 1 serve as a reminder of how good A.J. Green is, as he dropped 180 yards against a secondary with Darrelle Revis. Green and the Bengals look to get their revenge against the Steelers this week.

But where ESPN misses the mark, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco continues to be one of the biggest Bengals supporters out there. His latest ranking has Cincinnati all the way up to the No. 3 spot.

Andy Dalton came back after his injury last December and played well. The offensive line had issues against the Jets that need to be worked out.

If you average out these six rankings, the Bengals averaged a 6.5 ranking. Being a top-seven team feels about right with this team right now, but guys like Prisco are also right being higher on the Bengals. After all, this feels like a top 3-5 team once Tyler Eifert and Vontaze Burfict return in the coming weeks.

As for Cincinnati's next opponent, the Steelers had an average ranking of 4.2, a good two spots ahead of the Bengals. It's hard to say if that's accurate before these teams play, not to mention Burfict, Eifert and Le'Veon Bell being out this week.

Overall, it's hard to argue about any of these rankings outside of ESPN, but what else is new?