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Patriots, Panthers, Seahawks, Cardinals unanimous favorites in Cincy Jungle’s Week 2 staff picks

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The Cincy Jungle staff expects several teams to dominate their competition in Week 2. Could one of the underdogs pull an upset?

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Aside from the Bengals’ nail-biting win, it was a rough week for yours truly. Several teams blew significant leads in Week 1, causing me to nearly rip my hair out as my picks crumbled. Rebecca, Anthony, Scott, Kyle and Braden all finished with at least 10 wins on the week, putting me in an early hole. Kyle and Alberto also scored huge hero picks with the Patriots’ and 49ers’ wins, while my hero pick — the New Orleans Saints — blew what should’ve been a huge win against the Raiders.

But now, Week 1 is in the past and we’re on to Week 2.

Despite picking against the Bengals, Jason finished with a 9-7 record and lands another hero pick, taking the Steelers in Week 2. Alberto and Braden were able to land hero picks with the Browns and Titans, respectively, while I’m latching onto the Falcons and Colts as my two hero picks, praying they can pull off an upset to help me get back into the mix.

The Patriots, Panthers, Seahawks and Cardinals are all unanimous favorites this week. With the Seahawks’ victory last week, the Cincy Jungle staff is 1-0 in picking unanimous favorites. Hopefully the staff’s success carries over into Week 2.

Who do you expect to win this week? Which hero pick looks like the best bet of the picks made above? Let us know in the comments below!