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NFL Week 2 National TV Map: Will the Bengals vs Steelers game be on your TV?

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Check out the below maps to see if the Bengals game will be on your TV this weekend as well as what other games will be televised in your area.

The Bengals vs Steelers game is one of the best matchups of Week 2 and as it should, the game will be televised in much of the United States. If you live on the west coast, in the Cincinnati area or on most of the east coast, the game will likely be on your television. The midwest, south and northeast won't have the game. Nor will those in the Cleveland area who will be watching the Browns-Ravens game.

The red part of the map, courtesy of is the Bengals game. While the game isn’t nationally televised, the second matchup between the teams, which will come in Week 15, will be a Sunday Night Football showdown. So, if you don’t get this Week 2 game, know that at least you’ll have a nationally televised Bengals-Steelers game to look forward to later this year.

After the Bengals game is over, those in the Cincinnati area will see the Seahawks at Rams game on FOX.

On CBS after the Bengals game, most of the country will have the Colts at Broncos game. Only the home markets of the other teams playing late on Sunday afternoon will see those respective matchups.

Sunday Night Football is going to be one of the best games of the week as the Packers travel to Minnesota to take on their division rival Vikings. Can the Vikings defense carry the team to another win? Who will start at quarterback for Minnesota? Can the Vikings defense handle the Packers’ offense? These questions and more will be answered on Sunday as both teams head into the matchup 1-0.

Monday Night Football features the Eagles at the Bears and we’ll get to see if Carson Wentz can handle primetime and whether or not he can continue the level of play he put up in Week 1. In Week 1, the Eagles’ rookie quarterback and second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, went 22/37 for 278 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. That was against what looks to be another poor Browns team, and while the Bears are 0-1 with some questions of their own, Chicago should provide a better fight than Cleveland was able to muster.

Which games will you be watching this weekend?