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Opposing Outlook: What Steelers fans think of the Bengals in Week 2

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Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for Steelers fans’ comments on the upcoming game.

Ahh, the Steelers and their wonderful fans. You would think a fanbase that supports one of the winningest football franchises in the NFL would not get their little feelings hurt about what other people think of them. But, oh no, they care and cry about it a lot. Let’s take a dive into what the Steelers fans think about the Bengals this week heading into their Week 2 matchup.

Take this guy:

“Cincy Jungle is a burning dumpster fire

There isn’t much else to say. I only go over there to get some perspective when I have to. I was banned for just being positive (but polite) in the 2nd run up to the Steelers-Cincy game. There one editor comes over here to cherry-pick comments and then runs back to write up a cheap article where people who said these things cannot defend themselves. The Team is fine, the city is fine, but Bungles fans? They’ve got an emotional problem that I just cannot comprehend. Even if I hate the Pats I don’t think Boston people are some subset of mutants that deserve to be bombed, Cincy Jungle people seem to truly believe that.

It’s better to just play them early, knock them to 1-1 and hope they slide out of the playoffs on their own. Burfict and the Cincy brigade has made this week’s game unpleasant enough.”

See, the victim card. Only problem is, the internet is written in pen. Here was part of your polite discussion:

"Stop living in our shadow, you’re like that shitty kid brother who goes to Community College after we got into MIT."

So polite. Speaking of dumpster fire, can someone explain this one to me?

“... Green accounted for, quit literally, almost exactly half of the Bengals’ passing offense last week. ... Oh, and Vontaze Burfict is still a jagoff.”

I quite literally almost exactly 100% have no idea how to take that many descriptors to exactly almost sort of try to explain a point.

On to the game, not all Steeler fans are mouth breathing Yinzers. This guy has some concern for facing the Bengals.

the Redskins averaged 4.6 yards per rushing attempt for the game. The total rushing yards would have been much higher if the Redskins weren’t behind most of the game and forced to pass often. The Steelers must do better than that against the Bengals.

Moreover, no mention of the need to get to Andy Dalton. Against the Redskins, we had no sacks. None. And the Redskins averaged 7.6 yards per pass. Dalton is a more complete QB than Cousins at this point in his career, and he will go often and deep against our secondary. We have got to do a better job of getting to the QB.

Very insightful. This fan can see faults even though he is still a fan of the Steelers. Many more Steeler fans are irrational. Although the Steelers are almost universally among the top five in all the NFL power rankings, fans are appalled they get “no respect”.

Seahawks almost lose to Miami & the Pack almost bite it in Jacksonville

But they’re still better than the Steelers demolishing the Washington Football Team? Even if we assume all three of those opponents are improved over last year a 12-10 win and a 27-23 just don’t seem like a deserving place over Pittsburgh. The Broncos deserve to be #1 right now, they took care of Newton’s cats without much issue. Siemian going forward is clearly they’re weak link but he may be good enough. The pats held on but the cards exposed their D as nothing special. But I’m willing to give them a pass for right now.

But how the hell do the Seahawks and Packers out rank us? Guess we got to go deal with Cincy and then maybe we’ll get that #3 spot….

Then the classic Steeler fan arguments are peppered all throughout the internet:

WHO DEY????? Why dey’s the team who has never won the Super Bowl, dat’s who ! Seems dey faced a little obstacle called the Pittsburgh Steelers on the way last year……lol……GO STEELERS !!!!!

I pile on, because in actuality, this rivalry calls for it. I will say, the non-sense leading up to this game, pales in comparison to what we witnessed last season. Sure, some will get their panties in a bunch, like the guy I started with, but others really do look at the game rationally.

I feel pretty good about this game- except for one factor-

…Andy Dalton. I think it’s fair to say Pittsburgh would have had a much better chance of losing the last two last season had Dalton been the qb. He had driven easily deep in the red zone against the Steelers in the late season game before he got hurt. And the playoff game was so close, I would have to think Dalton would have tipped the scales the other way over what the Steelers faced in McCaron. Tyler Eiffert being out is a big deal.

I think the home stadium finally works in the Steelers favor, though, in this matchup. And, I’m sorry- but if the Steelers are able to sack Dalton seven times like NY did- Cincinnati is not winning this game.

Steelers 31-24.

Of course, this is met with a:

AJ McCarron is better than Dalton

Roll Tide.

Bandwagon much?

Then in the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black, on the news of Ryan Shazier being back at practice:


Just the news I was looking for this AM!

I think we’ll have our most dynamic Bengal hunter on the field on Sunday! Whooties!

Bengal hunter huh? Sounds classy.