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NFL Week 2 Bengals at Steelers: Predict the final score

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We had a number of close predictions last week but no one was spot on. Can you guess this week's score in the Bengals-Steelers before kickoff at 1:00 p.m. ET?

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The Bengals hit the road for the second straight week, this time to take on the division rival Steelers. It's often hard to predict the outcome of games between these two teams.

The first time the Bengals and Steelers played in 2015 it was a low scoring, 16-10 win for Cincinnati. The second matchup was a high scoring 33-20 win for the Steelers (keep in mind, Andy Dalton played one quarter before leaving with a broken thumb) and the third matchup from last season was the brutal playoff win with a moderate score of 18-16 in the Steelers' favor. Again, Dalton did not play in that game as backup AJ McCarron saw his first NFL playoff action.

Dalton will be playing today, his first game against the Steelers since he suffered that season-ending thumb injury and as has recently been the case in these matchups, tension will be high. Hopefully, there won't be any injuries -- or at least major injuries -- as has been the case nearly every time these teams have played during the last two years.

So, are you predicting a high scoring affair? A low scoring battle? And, let's take a quick look back to last week's predictions from the Cincy Jungle audience.

CaliBengalsFan#97 actually predicted both the Bengals and Jets scores off by one. Going 24-21 Bengals while the score turned out to be 23-22 in the Bengals' favor. VA Bengalsfans came close, predicting a 24-19 score in the Bengals' favor. Doc_Ox got the Bengals' score right, but not the Jets, guessing 23-10. Ahead of the Pack went 24-19, Bengals. JungleJohn also got the Bengals' total right, guessing 23-17. And both zzxxzz and DarkestDeity were one point off on the Bengals' point total, guessing 24-20 and 24-10 respectively.

That's actually a large number of close predictions! Can you all do better this week while still picking the right team to win? Record your score above and feel free to share it in the comments, too. We'll continue to shout out the closest guesses each week!