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Kneegate continued: NFL explains Tyler Boyd fumble and why call stood

The NFL is trying to save face after Sunday’s debacle in Pittsburgh. Good try. Good effort.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Less than 24 hours after KneeGate 2016, the NFL is clarifying the botched late call that cost the Bengals a chance at making a comeback in a 24-16 loss to the Steelers.

While Tyler Boyd’s controversial fumble may have not affected the final outcome, it sure would have given the Bengals a great shot at tying the game and sending it into overtime.

But Boyd was ruled to have fumbled the ball at the Pittsburgh 33-yard line before it was recovered by Steelers defensive back Robert Golden with 1:50 to play. That pretty much sealed the game.

However, replay showed that Boyd clearly had his knee down on the final drive before fumbling the ball away. The referees then reviewed the play, only to determine that the call on the field stood. That meant the referees could not, in their view, prove that Boyd was down without a reasonable doubt.

That’s essentially what NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said on Sunday night.

Blandino showed several angles of the play, including ones that showed Boyd’s knee touching the turf, but said none of them made it “clear and obvious” that the call on the field is incorrect.

Several times, Blandino shows an angle in which Boyd’s knee is down, but a clear shot of the ball being completely possessed it not clear.

I give Blandino credit: He actually made it sound like he really believed ‘his’ refs did not completely blow that call, though they did, and he’ll never admit that publicly.

I personally don’t really care about the play, as I’d be willing to bet the Steelers were going to hang on and win anyhow. Between Cincinnati’s enigmatic offense having to drive 33 more yards to score, then get a two-point conversion, and probably allow Pittsburgh’s offense enough time for one drive before overtime, I think the Steelers were going to hold on and win.

I’m just annoyed the NFL blew a call and is trying to act like we’re stupid enough to think otherwise. We all mess up. Just own up to it and move on.