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14 Bengals-related fantasy football team names

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Get respect from your fantasy league opponents with these Bengals fantasy team names. There is no guarantee that they'll get you a better record, though.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincy Jungle Staff NFL Fantasy League staged its draft on Tuesday night and I can guarantee you, nobody wanted to pick A.J. Green and be the one to jinx him. But besides some beautifully assembled fantasy teams there was also a hidden competition for the best name, and after the boss noticed she didn't even have a proper name she came up with the idea of creating a list with funny Bengals-related names, sort of what we did a year ago.

I will never be get tired of the name I usually pick for most of my fantasy leagues, We Are Sexy for Rexy (Grossman, but also Ryan... and Burkhead), and it can make the list if you consider the Bengals have one actual player with that name. This year I am playing under the pretty clever Lewis-Harriers (as in the British aircraft fighter). Pretty smart, huh.

Tate Forever

He will always live in our hearts.

Bodine's the Limit

I'm sorry, or not...


It might sound really bad until you realize both Pikachu and Domata Peko are adorable.

Don't Stop Believin', Hunt

How scary is the fact that Margus Hunt is set to be the nickel tackle for a Super Bowl contender?

Too Bad About Your Bryant

Is this too much?

Wish You Were Hue

Not an actual shot at current offensive coordinator, Ken Zampese.

Over the Hill and Far Away

I actually saw this one on a random fantasy league a year ago, so I won't take credit for it, but it's still funny.

The Andylievers

This was my Twitter nickname for a while, still strong.

WhoDey and the Blowfish

What about the most iconic one?

Keep Calm and Dalton to Green

Maybe a little too long, but it is true, isn't it?

Nobody's Burfict

And he doesn't care about that other team from Pennsylvania.

Pacman Ain't Mad

Don't listen to the song; just don't.

Me, Myself and Iloka

Please forgive me

Starsky & Hunt

This is getting out of control.

If you have any more Bengals-related name suggestions, please leave them below in the comments section.