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Bengals among least valuable NFL franchises

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To no surprise, teams like the Cowboys, Patriots and Giants are the most valuable NFL teams. What about the Bengals?

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals are in the midst of one of the best periods in franchise history.

As you can imagine, that has boosted the value of the franchise. Winning sells, and the Bengals have done plenty of it for the past decade, making it to the playoffs in six of the past seven seasons.

Forbes, in its annual valuation of 32 NFL teams, estimated the Bengals’ worth to be at $1.675 billion in their latest rankings, which is an increase from $1.45 billion in 2015. That’s good enough for a 16-percent increase,

But while the Bengals’ overall value has risen, their ranking in the NFL hierarchy has not. They actually rank 30th overall in the NFL in total value, meaning only two teams are worth less than the Bengals: the Bills and Lions. Keep in mind, teams in the top 10 of this ranking are worth at least $2.5 billion.

In other words, the Bengals are still pretty far from being one of the NFL’s most valuable franchise, but the team is worth more now than it has ever been worth before.

In the AFC North, the Ravens are the most valuable franchise, worth $2.3 billion (14th), followed closely behind on the ranking by the Steelers who are worth $2.25 billion (15th). The Browns are ranked 27th among NFL teams and are worth $1.85 billion.

Still, you look at the teams at the top, and you’re reminded that hardware = $$$. Teams who ranked among the top five most valuable teams in the NFL average four Super Bowl wins per franchise, including a combined 21 Lombardi Trophies among those teams.

Maybe if the Bengals win the Super Bowl this season, we’ll see them make a big jump up the most valuable, literally, rankings next year.

Here is the full ranking of how much each NFL team is worth:

#1 Dallas Cowboys: $4.2 billion

#2 New England Patriots $3.4 billion

#3 New York Giants $3.1 billion

#4 San Francisco 49ers $3 billion

#5 Washington Redskins $2.95 billion

#6 Los Angeles Rams $2.9 billion

#7 New York Jets $2.75 billion

#8 Chicago Bears $2.7 billion

#9 Houston Texans $2.6 billion

#10 Philadelphia Eagles $2.5 billion

#11 Denver Broncos $2.4 billion

#12 Miami Dolphins $2.375 billion

#13 Green Bay Packers $2.35 billion

#14 Baltimore Ravens $2.3 billion

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers $2.25 billion

#16 Seattle Seahawks $2.225 billion

#17 Minnesota Vikings $2.2 billion

#18 Indianapolis Colts $2.175 billion

#19 Atlanta Falcons $2.125 billion

#20 Oakland Raiders $2.1 billion

#21 San Diego Chargers $2.08 billion

#22 Carolina Panthers $2.075 billion

#23 Arizona Cardinals $2.025 billion

#24 Tennessee Titans $2 billion

#25 Jacksonville Jaguars $1.95 billion

#26 Kansas City Chiefs $1.875 billion

#27 Cleveland Browns $1.85 billion

#28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $1.8 billion

#29 New Orleans Saints $1.75 billion

#30 Cincinnati Bengals $1.675 billion

#31 Detroit Lions $1.65 billion

#32 Buffalo Bills $1.5 billion