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Bengals Wednesday Practice: Eifert back, Green awaiting son’s birth, Uzomah sitting out

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Tyler Eifert is back at Bengals practice for the first time since January. Does anything else matter?

Tyler Eifert is back at practice!

That was the big story of the day as the Bengals took the field for their first practice in preparation for the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos who are coming to town on Sunday for the Bengals’ home opener.

While Eifert was back in action (though limited, of course in his return) another tight end was not on the field. C.J. Uzomah was not practicing, though it’s unclear why. If Uzomah is dealing with an injury, it could leave some questions as to how the Bengals will address the tight end position on Sunday, assuming Eifert won’t yet be ready to play. Even if Eifert does return on Sunday, it’s safe to assume he’d be limited and not playing the majority of snaps in the game.

Andrew Whitworth was getting a veteran rest day and did not practice on Wednesday. Eric Winston (who didn’t play on Sunday so also could just be getting a rest day) and A.J. Green, whose wife is in labor and expecting the couple’s first baby any minute, were also not practicing on Wednesday.

The good news is, it looks like Green won’t be missing a game for the birth of his first son. The bad news for Miranda, Green’s wife, is that it seems like she’s been in labor for quite a while.

... as I pretend like these contractions don't hurt

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Andy Dalton was apparently in a good mood at practice as he jammed out to Blink 182, playing on the fields while the team stretched. That’s good news as he was seen limping around the locker room after Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. If he’s playing air guitar at practice, I’d assume he’s doing just fine.

Third Eye Blind was also on the playlist for Wednesday’s practice.

By the way, Eifert is a funny guy!

Check back later for the full practice and injury report.