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Miranda and A.J. Green welcome newborn son Easton Ace into the world

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A.J. Green’s son has been born! Congratulations to the Greens!

After missing practice today, Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green welcomed his first child into the world!

My sweet boy is here!! Easton ace green

A photo posted by A.J. Green (@ajgreen_18) on

Green and his wife Miranda named their son Easton Ace and have already given him a nickname, Eazy. It sounds like a football player’s name, doesn’t it? The 2036 draft is right around the corner!

Miranda also shared this video of herself dancing around the hospital room yesterday while in labor:

... as I pretend like these contractions don't hurt

A video posted by Miranda Green (@mirandabrooke_) on

Green made it known that he would be there for the birth of his son, even if it meant missing an NFL game. “First one, definitely. I want to be there,” Green said a few weeks ago when asked about whether he’d miss a game for the birth of his son. Luckily, the birth happened on a Wednesday and Green should be ready and motivated to play this Sunday when the Bengals face the Broncos for Cincinnati’s home opener.

Congratulations to A.J. and Miranda Green! A new Bengals fan has been brought into the world!