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Cincy Jungle’s NFL Week 3 staff picks: AZ, SEA, DAL among favorites

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Forget about the Bengals, the Cincy Jungle staff rides and dies with the Seattle Seahawks, apparently.

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

All hail Rebecca. Back-to-back first place finishes and this year’s pick’em is already looking like it’s getting out of hand. A hot start in which she correctly picked six of the first seven Week 2 matchups — the Bengals’ loss being the only incorrect pick — and a strong finish, in which she was one of just two (along with Kyle) to nail both primetime games set Rebecca apart from the rest of the competition. Jason (Steelers) and Braden (Titans) both were one-for-one with their hero picks, while Alberto’s hero pick (Browns) looked great before Cleveland blew a 20-point lead. The Falcons gave me a hero pick victory last week, but I paid the price for getting greedy with hero picks as Von Miller’s strip sack of Andrew Luck handed me another loss on that front.

With the worst record through two weeks, maybe I shouldn’t be the one doing this write up. Then again, I’m always at my best when my back’s against the wall. All I need to do is chip away at Rebecca’s commanding 10-game lead, which will likely be easier said than done.

Jason (Broncos) and Alberto (Rams) are riding with the only hero picks of the week, in a week which should separate the contenders from the pretenders. Only the Cardinals and Seahawks are unanimous picks this week. With the Seahawks’ Week 2 loss to the Rams, the Cincy Jungle staff has correctly picked three of four unanimous winners. Interestingly enough, Seattle has been a unanimous favorite in all three weeks of the 2016 season.

Who do you expect to win this week? Which hero pick looks more promising between the two, and which underdogs do you think can pull off an upset? Let us know in the comments below!