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Opposing Outlook: What Broncos fans think of the Bengals in Week 3

Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for Broncos fans’ comments on the upcoming game.

Coming off a tough loss to a division opponent, you would expect fans of the next team you are facing to have some confidence. It would be reasonable to assume that the fans of that team would be even more confident due to the fact that they are the defending Super Bowl Champions and have a 2-0 record. Here is what I expected from Broncos fans:

Da Bungles never have, never will be in the same league as Denver... They might win one here and there on us... everybody gets lucky, everybody has a bad game... sometimes we have a less than average year.

and this:

Broncos are the better team here. Better coaching staff as well. The red rifle is fragile. The Broncos should be able to rattle him with great coverage by the DBs and pressure from the OLBs. mix in some DB blitz and by the end of the 2nd quarter Raggedy Andy will look more like a BB gun then a fire-arm.

That’s about it though on a positive comment front from Broncos fans. It turns out (this week at least) that Broncos fans are a respectably knowledgeable bunch. They know the Bengals’ weaknesses and talk about them, but still have healthy respect for the team.

Bengals gave up seven sacks to the Jets. Wow. Maybe their LT is finally showing some age. RT is young and lacks seasoning. Their C is just meh. They also lost their number two and three WRs from last year and have a rookie now at number 2. We’re lucky to get them early in the year sans Eifert and their suspended LB. It’s their home opener so their less than stellar fans probably show up for this one. Denver needs a balanced attack. And we are situated well for this. Dalton is playing hurt and we need to keep hitting him early and often. Make him physically uncomfortable out there.

Denver 23-20 in overtime.

All of those advantages, and yet the final score is an overtime win. That is respect. Vegas has the spread in Cincinnati’s favor. Regarding the spread, here’s what one Broncos fan says:

Honestly, with our offense so far having trouble finishing drives, this doesn't surprise me, especially being on the road at Cincy. Our offense needs to step their game up big time this week or we may have some trouble beating a really good defense in Cincy.

One fan got pumped at the injury report:

Anyone else get excited to see AJ Green DNP Then get sad that it was due to birth of his child. Congrats AJ

This was followed with a ton of “good for him” and “great dad” comments.

Come on Denver fan, give us something to point and laugh about!!!

I think this is a better game than against the Colts -

But still a solid win. Broncos 27, Bengals 17. Bengals O line will struggle and Dalton will be on the run a lot – limiting talented guys like AJ Green. We will get the running game working well – which opens up better passing options. I think the Bengals clog up Kubiak’s preferred safe short passing routes but leave open some deeper throws for Siemian to capitalize on. IF we go into half time ahead – expect to see lots of running and conservative offensive play calling. Fans will be saddened by the "lack of offense" but we will get another W.

Your levelheaded logic is killing me. I disagree that this game favors the Broncos (I bleed Black and Orange you know), but at least call us thugs, dirty or something to get us all riled up.

Sigh, Denver fan, you handled yourself well this week.

Keep it going against a solid cincy team you could see in the playoffs. I like the kicking and screaming i've seen so far. Go Denver!!!

Anyone concerned about the Denver defensive front against the Cincinnati offensive line?

Cincy gave up seven sacks against the Jets, so Andy Dalton has been sacked eight times, so far, the most in the league. Their rushing attack is 31st in yards and 30th in ypa. That's not a good sign.

I agree, not good... Good luck on Sunday.