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NFL Season 2016: Bengals vs Broncos First Half

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Home opener against a tough defense. Can the Bengals pull out a win?

The Bengals take on the Broncos at 1:00 p.m. ET in Cincinnati, OH at Paul Brown Stadium.

The Broncos may be missing DeMarcus Ware, but they still have a scary good defense with possibly the best pass rusher in the league, Von Miller. They have a new QB, Trevor Siemian, who though has played two games is still a big unknown.

Though the Bengals rush defense has been missing so far, the defense as a whole has looked decent and physical relative to the competition and conditions. The offense has gone two weeks starting slowly as well. The question is can the Bengals improve in this game and get in a rhythm early? Will we see another stud performance from A.J. Green after the birth of his new baby boy? Lots of questions and a game with answers ahead.

Let the discussion continue!