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NFL Week 3 Bengals vs Broncos: Predict the final score

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What's your guess for today's Bengals vs Broncos score? Record it below!

The Bengals finally return home for the first time since January's Wild Card loss and welcome to Paul Brown Stadium the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver BroncosBovada has the Bengals as 3 point favorites and set the under/over at 42. Vegas isn't expecting a high scoring game, but are you? So far, the Bengals are averaging 19.5 points per game, while the Broncos are averaging 27.5 points per game.

Let's take a look at how those in the Cincy Jungle community did last week at predicting the game outcome.

  • VABengalsfans guessed 28-24 in the Steelers favor... So that was pretty close.
  • Burficts_a_beast had the right score for the Steelers at 24, but thought they'd lose, guessing 27-24 Bengals.
  • The Van Buren Boys guessed 16-13 Bengals, and the Bengals did score 16 points... The Steelers just scored more.
  • California Bengal Fan also had the Bengals' score right, and correctly predicted the Steelers would win (27-16).
  • Cardale Jones was also close, but guessed the right score for the wrong team. He had the Bengals winning 24-17, but, it was the Steelers who won 24-16.

Hopefully we can all do better today and the Bengals pull out a win in their home opener! Record your prediction above and feel free to share it in the comments. We'll continue to shout out the closest predictions each week.