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Panic mode? Not time to freak out over Bengals’ losses

Remember before the season, we warned you the Bengals had a tough start to the season. That’s still true. And it’s not time to freak out... yet.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After a Week 3 loss to the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, many Bengals fans seem to be in panic mode.

But, there’s no reason to be saying the season is over after losing to the Broncos and Steelers. Remember last year, the Bengals made the playoffs and lost to both the Broncos and Steelers in route to that playoff berth. Losses to these same two teams the Bengals lost to in Weeks 1 and 2 did not mean doom and gloom for the Bengals during the 2015 regular season. So, let’s take a deep breath and remember there’s still 13 games left to be played!

Yes, the Bengals are 1-2 for the first time since 2011, and yes, they were at .500 or better for 49 straight games coming into Sunday, dating back to Week 2 in 2013. But, these first three games were three of the most difficult matchups of the year for Cincinnati.

And, Vontaze Burfict returns next week!

I repeat, Burfict returns next week! Come on... you need to be excited about that!

And, of course, Tyler Eifert’s return is only days away, too. We don’t know exactly when it will be coming, but after practicing all week, it’s safe to say Eifert’s return should be expected in the next two weeks.

The first three games of the season featured three teams who had winning records in 2016, two of whom were playoff teams. And, heading into the season a study by stats site FiveThirtyEight stated the Bengals had the most front-loaded schedule in the league. From here, things can only get easier.

Before the season, we stressed that if the Bengals didn’t start the year strong, it wouldn’t be the end of the world as winnable games are on the way. And, that remains true. Teams the Bengals play in the weeks ahead include the Dolphins, Browns, Washington, the Bills and the Texans who were shut out on Thursday Night Football this week.

The Bengals aren’t hitting the panic button.

And neither should you!

Next up are the 1-2 Dolphins on Thursday Night Football who needed overtime to beat the now 0-3 Browns.

And by the way, did we mention Burfict will be back next week?