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NFL Week 3 Bengals Snap Count: Heavy rotation and playing time changes

There were some shakeups with the Bengals' snap counts on offense and defense in Week 3. Will we see more along these lines in Week 4?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals' Sunday snap count had some changes from Weeks 1 and 2. Most notably, Tyler Boyd's playing time dramatically decreased, Ryan Hewitt's snap count increased (but did it increase enough?), and nearly the entire defense enforced a heavy rotation. Here are some of the top takeaways from the snap counts on offense and defense in Week 3 against the Broncos.

  • Backup tackle Jake Fisher played 16% of snaps, which isn't a ton, but it shows the Bengals are still trying to get him involved.
  • Tyler Kroft started his first game of the year, playing 64% of snaps in the process. C.J. Uzomah didn't play much less (58% of snaps) and saw four targets, catching two, while Kroft was not targeted at all.
  • After playing 77 and 79% of snaps respectively in Weeks 1 and 2, Tyler Boyd saw his playing time diminish to just 24 snaps, of 26% of snaps on sunday. The Bengals were run heavy in the first half, but it is pretty surprising to see Boyd's numbers take a sharp downward turn.
  • The running back workload was pretty evenly distributed, but, Bernard did edge out Hill with 35 snaps, while Hill played 32. Interestingly, it was Hill who had the better day on the ground. Though, Bernard contributed both in the passing and running games.
  • Along the defensive line, there was a heavy rotation that saw Michael Johnson in for the most snaps (50), while Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins and Margus Hunt received the next most, in that order.
  • Vinny Rey was evaluated for a concussion in the game, but didn't miss much as he still played for 97% of snaps, the most of any defensive player, tied with Adam Jones, who also left the game due to injury.
  • Derron Smith saw 15 snaps, the most he's played all year, mostly as a result of injuries to other defensive backs who were frequently leaving the game due to injury.
  • Every active cornerback played at least 3 snaps, and it was Chris Lewis-Harris who in his 3 snaps played, let up a 55-yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas.
  • Josh Shaw played 30% of snaps before getting injured in the fourth quarter. Darqueze Dennard (39% of snaps) was the only player among the top four cornerbacks on the roster (Adam Jones, Dre Kirkpatrick and Shaw being the others) to not get injured at any point during Sunday's game.
Position Player Snap Count Percentage of Time
Offensive Line Kevin Zeitler 67 100%
Clint Boling 67 100%
Russell Bodine 67 100%
Cedric Ogbuehi 67 100%
Andrew Whitworth 67 100%
T.J. Johnson 0 0
Jake Fisher 11 16%
Eric Winston 0 0
Christian Westerman INACTIVE INACTIVE
Tight Ends Tyler Eifert INACTIVE INACTIVE
C.J. Uzomah 39 58%
Tyler Kroft 43 64%
Quarterback Andy Dalton 67 100%
AJ McCarron 0 0
Wide Receiver A.J. Green 64 96%
Tyler Boyd 24 36%
Brandon LaFell 60 90%
James Wright 6 9%
Alex Erickson 0 0
Running Back Jeremy Hill 32 48%
Giovani Bernard 35 52%
Rex Burkhead 0 0
Fullback/H-Back Ryan Hewitt 21 31%
----------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------- ----------------------------
Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins 43 64%
Domata Peko 39 58%
Pat Sims 30 45%
Defensive End Margus Hunt 42 63%
Will Clarke 19 28%
Carlos Dunlap 46 69%
Michael Johnson 50 75%
Linebacker Karlos Dansby 50 75%
Rey Maualuga 42 63%
Vincent Rey 65 97%
Nick Vigil 5 7%
Trevor Roach 0 0
Marquis Flowers 0 0
Safety George Iloka 62 93%
Shawn Williams 52 78%
Derron Smith 15 22%
Clayton Fejedelem 0 0
Cornerback Adam Jones 65 97%
Dre Kirkpatrick 63 94%
Josh Shaw 20 30%
Chris Lewis-Harris 3 4%
Darqueze Dennard 26 39%