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Dre Kirkpatrick defends Kevin Coyle after reports of friction

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Amid the Bengals’ slow start this season, a report circulated that the Bengals secondary is having some friction with Kevin Coyle. Dre Kirkpatrick is already shooting down any such rumors.

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Bengals are in a bit of a tailspin following their 29-17 loss to the Broncos and 1-2 start to the season.

Well, that’s at least what some want you to believe, like the Miami-Herald writer who thinks the Bengals defensive backs are already fed up with Kevin Coyle. That report suggested the techniques Coyle is teaching the Bengals is not what they’re used to and it’s causing friction in defensive backs meetings.

Dre Kirkpatrick made sure to set the record straight on Tuesday. The fifth-year Bengals cornerback has received plenty of coaching during his time in the NFL. Coyle is just one of many coaches who Kirkpatrick has worked with, and the veteran corner is fine with what the veteran coach is preaching and teaching.

"He pushes you, but I'm fine with it. I probably haven't been pushed like this since college, and it's good. I think it's a bunch of (nonsense),” Kirkpatrick said via Local 12 of the report.

It’s really hard to see Coyle’s coaching being a problem with this team after just three games, not to mention this is the second stint Coyle has had with the team. His first stint was a very successful one that produced many good defensive backs, despite working under the tutelage of the disaster that was defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan.

Coyle helped make guys like Nedu Ndukwe, Chris Crocker, Tory James, Deltha O’Neal, Madieu Williams, Kevin Kaesviharn, Keiwan Ratliff, and David Jones become quality starters or solid backups, even though many of those guys never did much of anything elsewhere.

Coyle also helped Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph develop into one of the best cornerback tandems in the league from 2008-2010.

Now, Coyle is looking to help this secondary build off what the unit did in 2015. It hasn’t been good so far, but Kirkpatrick seems confident everything will work itself out.

Personally, I think the writer who reported this ‘rumor’ was just digging for a good story. Let’s hope the Bengals reinforce that with a bounceback performance on Thursday against the Dolphins.