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Bengals getting hypnotized is a must-see

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This is exactly how I'd imagine Adam Jones acts even when he's not hypnotized.

During Bengals training camp, celebrity hypnotist Ricky Kalmon visited Cincinnati to provide the team with what he does best, hypnosis!

Kamon hypnotized a group of Bengals including Adam Jones, Dre Kirkpatrick, Karlos Dansby, Will Clarke and even defensive assistant/quality control coach Marcus Lewis, Marvin Lewis' son.

The result was amazing and must-see television, and of course, ESPN was in attendance and showed the highlights from the team hypnosis on Sunday Countdown leading up to Week 3.

"I felt I had no control," Jones said. "It was almost like "alright, I told you to do this, and do it". I don't even have the words to put it together, but it was pretty freaky I would say."

The Bengals who didn't take part (those who did all volunteered) clearly got a kick out of watching their teammates be hypnotized. Even Marvin Lewis was laughing.

My takeaways: Karlos Dansby seems like a surprisingly funny guy, and the Bengals have no idea how puppeteering works.

It seems the Bengals -- both those who took part and those who watched -- greatly enjoyed the activity.