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Opposing Outlook: What Dolphins fans think of the Bengals in Week 4

Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for Dolphins fans’ comments on the upcoming game.

Hopefully by the end of the night, the ground is wet with the salty tears of Dolphins fans as the Bengals get back to their winning ways. However, I can’t shake the 2013 matchup (again a Thursday night, primetime game) with one of the worst endings to a football game I can remember.

Needless to say, in this matchup, anything can happen, I guess. So what do Dolphins fans think of the upcoming game?

Miami comes out slow, letting the Bengals get a 20-2 lead before the fins come storming back before halftime to make it 20-16. The fins then come out slow in the 2nd, letting the Bengals get the lead to 31-16. Then Miami comes back with 2 tds and a 2 point conversion to tie it. In ot, Miami comes out slow, letting the Bengals build the lead back up to 34-31, then in a surprise move, the dolphins manage to block all the blitzers and tannehill hits stills (this one he actually catches) for a 65 yard td to win it. Fins 37, Bengals 34.

Hey, that fits the narrative. Not only would this follow the strange history of these teams, it would crush Bengals fans at the same time. I for one do not expect this to happen.

Some Dolphins fans probably don’t know too much about the players on the Bengals...

AJ Green is good, but he's no Terrelle Pryor.


Others hope that history continues to play into their favor.

Why will we beat the Bengals? Say they words out loud. "Andy Dalton in a primetime game." Case closed.

Sadly, there are far too many Bengals fans that agree with that sentiment.

Dolphins fans are sour on their team. Reading the comment sections is less about what they will face in the next team, more about what shortcomings the team currently has. some people try and rally the troops though.

Has everyone forgotten that the Browns were leading the Ravens by 19 points the before the Dolphins game? For all the Browns bashing, they play pretty hard.

Only to be met with:

The Browns team playing the Ravens at home was a different team than the one playing at Miami ...

Against the Ravens, the Browns didn’t start a Rookie 3rd String QB. Instead they started a veteran NFL QB in McCown.

Against the Ravens, the Browns had one of their best WR’s on the field in Corey Coleman. He didn’t play in Miami

Against the Ravens, the Browns had their best CB in Joe Haden. He didn’t play in Miami.

So it seems people think the Bengals should win this game. I am with this last guy though, here is his response to how to watch the game tonight:

How do I watch Dolphins at Bengals Thursday Night Football? That is an easy question to answer. With lots of alcohol and some wings.

Right on my man.