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Bengals among unanimous favorites in Cincy Jungle’s NFL Week 4 picks

We’re breaking tradition in hopes of a Bengals win this week.

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It has happened. Jason Marcum has picked the Bengals. “If we lose this, fire everyone,” our superstar managing editor wrote to accompany his pick. Jason, of course, has historically picked against the Bengals every week (as more of a bit than an actual prediction).

Speaking of Jason, he was one of three staff members — along with Anthony and Kyle — to split a victory in Week 3’s picks in a week where most of us really struggled to pick games correctly.

Braden, who has picked against the Bears every week, made it known he will be picking against Chicago every week from here on out — and I don’t blame him. Braden wasn’t the only one to pick against Jay Cutler (if he even plays this week) and company, as the entire staff sided with the Lions in an NFC North rivalry matchup. The Bengals, Redskins and Broncos were all unanimous picks this week as well.

Most of us underperformed last week, but on the bright side, the staff was 2-0 in weekly hero picks. Jason, of course, picked the Broncos, while Alberto correctly picked the Rams’ upsetting of the Buccaneers. No one on the staff had the courage to pick the Bills, who smoked the Cardinals in perhaps the biggest upset of the season so far.

On to Week 4. This week’s hero picks are the Titans (Rebecca), Saints (Anthony) and 49ers (me), all of which I think have a good shot at earning a victory against opponents who have all looked vulnerable at times.

Who do you expect to win this week? Which hero pick looks like the best bet of the picks made above? Let us know in the comments below!