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Bengals vs Dolphins: Predict the final score for Thursday Night Football

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What do you think tonight's score will be?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals will look to get back to .500 on Thursday Night Football against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins had close losses to the Seahawks and Patriots to open the year, but needed to go to overtime at home to beat the Browns in Week 3. With that in mind, this is essentially a must-win game for the Bengals to get their season back on track after two back-to-back losses.

Last week the Cincy Jungle community did a terrible job at predicting the final score of the Bengals vs Broncos game. So, I don't have any shout outs to make this week. Hopefully, the Bengals get a win this week and allow our score predictions to be more accurate.

The Bengals have scored the 25th most points in the league through three weeks, averaging 18 points per game. The Dolphins have scored slightly more, with a 20th ranking and 21.3 points per game. Thursday night games often are low scoring, so what are you thinking tonight's score will be?