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Clint Boling leaves Bengals vs Dolphins game with shoulder injury

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This is not good news for the Bengals offensive line.

clint boling

The Bengals may have just experienced an injury that can’t afford to have.

During the Thursday Night Football matchup with the Miami Dolphins, Bengals left guard Clint Boling exited the field holding his left arm. It was reported as a left shoulder injury.

It came on a play in the third quarter as Jeremy Hill attempted to run toward the left. The play resulted in no gain and Boling's injury occurred.

After a few minutes on the sideline and after Jake Fisher entered the game, Boling returned to the field. But, once the Bengals’ defense got on the field, he went back to the locker room and did not appear on the next offensive drive.

Boling has been one of the Bengals best and most consistent offensive lineman so far this year, as well as for the extent of his Bengals career to date since being drafted in 2011.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.