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Video preview of Bengals' 2016 season, part 1: New additions

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The Bengals made some savvy moves in free agency and the draft. We tell you which ones have us the most excited.

Following the 2016 NFL Draft, the general consensus was that the Cincinnati Bengals had a solid haul. But the group already is looking to prove they're more than solid.

Not only do all seven picks from the draft look to be contributors in 2016, but the addition of undrafted rookie Alex Erickson looks brilliant. Sixth rounder Cody Core could be one of the team’s top three of four receivers by season’s end while second round pick Tyler Boyd is expected to start in the slot.

Meanwhile, in free agency the Bengals made prudent decisions, including the signing of linebacker Karlos Dansby, who will help in covering tight ends, a weakness of the team in years past. In short, it is safe to say that the Bengals had an outstanding offseason, despite some losses on all fronts.

In the following video (which unfortunately needs to be viewed on YouTube), Dr. Hodgie Smodgie and I were joined by Sports Dispute TV's Jordan Harris, a Bengals fan who has his own YouTube sports channel. We each shared our takes regarding the new additions to the team.

And you can listen to all 3 parts of our season preview in podcast form below: