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Video preview of Bengals' 2016 season, part 2: Will Andy Dalton pick up where he left off last year?

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Despite having a career year in 2015, Andy Dalton now must deal with a new offensive coordinator and a rebuilt receiving corps. Can he continue to build upon his recent success?

Talk about redemption. Andy Dalton bounced back from a disappointing 2014 campaign with an amazing display of versatility, toughness and, most importantly, efficiency last year. But, like two years ago, the sixth year quarterback is once again without Marvin Jones and (at least to start the year) Tyler Eifert. And he has a new offensive coordinator in Ken Zampese.

So the question is, what will he look like in 2016? If the preseason is any indication (which it usually isn’t), the Bengals appear prepared to play a bit more conservatively while working three rookie receivers (Tyler Boyd, Cody Core and Alex Erickson) into the mix. So will Dalton be a bit less prolific, but perhaps more efficient? Or could he become overly reliant upon star receiver A.J. Green?

In the following video, part two of our preview of the Bengals’ 2016 season, Dr. Hodgie, Sports Dispute TV’s Jordan Harris, and I all give our takes on whether or not Dalton can continue his upward trajectory:

Check out part one of our season preview here and for highlights of Dalton’s fantastic 2015 campaign, watch the following video:

And you can to listen to all 3 parts of our season preview in podcast form below: