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Panthers, Bengals, Seahawks and Cardinals heavy favorites in Cincy Jungle's Week 1 Staff Picks

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Which one of our many staff members will come out on top in this year's Weekly Pick'em?

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NFL action is right around the corner, which means it's time for Cincy Jungle's Weekly Pick'em series! Week 1 features a ton of intriguing matchups, highlighted by a Super Bowl rematch, several division rivalry battles, a matchup between two powerhouses on Sunday Night Football in the Patriots-Cardinals and two intriguing games on Monday Night Football.

Keeping with tradition, Jason picked against the Bengals, earning himself a hero pick. Kyle also earned two hero picks, choosing the Jaguars to upset the Packers and the Patriots to top the Cardinals. For those who don't know, a hero pick occurs when one player picks a team everyone else chooses to lose. This year, we'll be keeping track of hero pick totals, first-place finishes, top-three finishes and, of course, weekly and yearly win totals.

In what seems like the biggest surprise of the week, the Browns are favored to beat the Eagles, who traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings earlier this week. The Texans, Raiders and Rams are all strong favorites, which is always interesting considering their past track records. And finally, the Seahawks are the only unanimous pick of the week, as the entire staff expects them to take care of the Dolphins.

Who do you expect to win this week? Which hero pick looks like the best bet of the picks made above? Let us know in the comments below! Next time we talk, the 2016 season will be underway. Get excited.