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NFL Week 17 2016: Late Afternoon/Sunday Night Football

Some meaningful NFC games this evening that should spark interest.

There are some great games with playoff implications this evening to keep an eye out for. A couple games to watch this late afternoon would be the Falcons and the Saints game and the Seahawks against the 49ers.

With a win, the Falcons can claim the other first round bye, but if they lose, they leave the door open for the Seahawks to snag it. One other game to watch is the Redskins and the Giants game because if the Redskins win, they can snag a playoff spot from one of the two teams who play on SNF.

Those two teams, the Packers and the Lions play this evening to decide who wins the NFC North division and claim at least one spot for the playoffs, pending what happens with the Redskins. Lots of possibilities and fun games to watch so don’t go away.

Let the discussion continue and Happy New Year to all in the Cincy Jungle community!