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Adam Jones wants Marvin Lewis back with Bengals

It’s no surprise that Adam Jones supports the coach who turned his life and NFL career around.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals won their sixth game of the season on Sunday, and by most accounts, it sounds like head coach Marvin Lewis will be returning to Cincinnati for his 15th season as the Bengals’ head coach.

One person who supports that plan is Bengals cornerback Adam Jones. Following Sunday’s game, Jones spoke with the media to reiterate his stance on Lewis’ tenure with Cincinnati and express his support of the Bengals’ head coach.

“I want Coach Lewis back. Words cannot explain,” Jones said. “For all the people taking shots at him, they need to shut the f*** up. Obviously, they don’t know what the hell is going on.”

Jones is always one to speak his mind and has been vocal regarding his support for Lewis throughout not only this season, but throughout his Bengals career.

After the Bengals’ loss to the Steelers in Week 15, Jones also spoke out on Lewis. “As a player, it’s all on us. Coaches coach, players play,” Jones said. “Marvin can’t go out there and guard AB (Antonio Brown). He can’t tackle Le’Veon Bell. But he can put us in great positions to make plays and not one point today that we wasn’t in good position. So, can't put that on Marvin.”

Jones has made it clear that Lewis changed his life by taking a chance on him and allowing him to join the Bengals after a series of unfortunate events both on the field (injuries) and off-the-field.

"The best way to describe is if you're stuck in the hole and you don't have no one but God," Jones said last year about the situation he was in prior to joining the Bengals. "And everyone has turned their back on you, and you look up and it's light up at the tunnel, but where you're standing at it's dark, dark as hell. You gotta be strong man to come out of those kind of situations and trust in yourself and believe in God and do all the right things to try and get back."

In an interview with Dan Le Batard, the same one in which the above was said, Jones stated Lewis "literally" helped save his life by giving him what was likely his final opportunity to play pro football.

"When Marv called me and gave me the information and told me he was going to bring me in and work him out, I think that opened up another light in my life and showed me, 'Hey, this is your last chance and you gotta take advantage of it,'" Jones said.

It’s no wonder Jones supports Lewis as much as he does. And it sounds like Lewis will have at least one more year to turn around his fortunes in Cincinnati and get the Bengals the playoff win they’ve been chasing for more than a quarter century.