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WATCH LIVE: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, Ep. 25: Fan Allegiances

Join us live on this week’s podcast as we discuss the happenings with the Bengals. We also take your questions so leave them in the comments or in our YouTube chat room!

We’re live here at Cincy Jungle and at our YouTube channel to discuss all things Bengals. The playoff bracket is whittling down, while the Bengals are trying to conjure up ways to get better in 2017.

Scott Schultze and I discuss the recent news with the team, review the defensive line as the team might try some re-shuffling, and ask an interesting question for Cincinnati fans in the wake of the Chargers’ announcement to move to Los Angeles.

You can leave your questions and comments here, in our live YouTube chat, or on Twitter @BengalsOBI. All of our content is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes as well. Thanks for tuning in and subscribing to our show!