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Bengals players react to final game of season

The Bengals’ season is over. There will be no playoffs for Cincinnati, but there will be a top 10 draft pick in April.

This NFL season didn’t go the way anyone in Cincinnati had hoped for.

The Bengals players fought through adversity all season long, but at the close of the season, we’re left with a disappointing 6-9-1 record. With 2016 in the rearview mirror, the team will turn to the new league year and hope 2017 will be a year to remember and a season that leads to a playoff run and hopefully a Super Bowl 52 Championship. One can only hope, right? At least the Bengals are 1-0 this year!

After the Bengals’ Week 17 win over the Ravens, the players and their families took to social media to celebrate the end to the season. Even if it’s not the outcome we all wanted for the Bengals, these players work hard all season and certainly deserve to celebrate the completion of the year. Sunday’s game was proof that the Bengals never gave up.

Much of the offense spent Sunday night at Jeff Ruby’s Precinct as Kevin and Sara Zeitler hosted a dinner for the offense and their plus ones. And, members of the defense attended a club party sponsored by Adam Jones.

Here are the players’ (and their wives’) reactions and responses and the Bengals’ sixth win and final game of the season.

Such a great day!!!!

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Time to celebrate ❤

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