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Adam Jones’ attorneys release statement following release of dashcam video

The Bengals cornerback is “deeply embarrassed” as he should be and “committed to the process of counseling and anger management”, which he also should be.

The law firm representing Bengals cornerback Adam Jones has released a statement following video that was released from the police dash cam during his early January arrest.

“Adam Jones is deeply embarrassed and remorseful for his conduct and language after being arrested in early January,” the statement reads. “Mr. Jones has the utmost respect for law-enforcement and the difficulties police encounter on a daily basis. As it relates to the allegations, and upon advice of counsel, Mr. Jones will not be commenting upon legal proceedings at this time. Mr. Jones is committed to the process of counseling and anger management, in order to ensure that such situations never occur in the future. Adam loves Cincinnati and considers it home. He sincerely apologizes to the officers, the Cincinnati Bengals organization and all the fans in Cincinnati.”

The statement is signed from Timothy E. Schneider Esq. and Alex Triantafilou Esq.

From the video, released by TMZ Sports earlier on Monday, it seems Jones has absolutely no respect for law-enforcement nor the difficulties they go through. In fact, this statement seems pretty canned and includes a grammatical error, which brings into question how much thought was put into it.

In the video, Jones curses without end at the officers, calling the arresting officer a "bitch ass n**ga" and saying “I hope you die tomorrow.” Jones also adds that the officer is going to be out of a job due to arresting him.

That last bit would be pretty ironic if the Bengals opt to cut Jones, which many fans believe they should do. I’d say with certainty the arresting officers will not be fired for arresting Jones.

Jones is currently traveling and was in New York City and London in recent days. So, it’s questionable whether or not he’s too concerned about this. Jones also stated when he was released from jail that “none of this makes sense” and that he believed the case against him would “be dismissed pretty soon.”

Jones is currently scheduled to return to court on February 10.

The Bengals have released this statement on Jones’ arrest (their first since he was arrested earlier this month):

"We are extremely disappointed with Adam’s behavior. The behavior in the video is not what we expect from our players. The Club is aware that Adam has put forth his own apology, however, we also offer an apology to the public and to our loyal fans."