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Adam Jones kicked out of casino before being arrested at Millennium Hotel

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones’ arrest seems to get worse with every bit of information we get.

NFL: Adam Jones Archive Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Jones’ arrest on January 3 continues to look worse and worse now three weeks after the incident took place.

The arrest at a Cincinnati hotel was just Part II of what’s become a multi-part series of debacles.

We’re just now learning about Part 1 of Jones’ forgettable night, which began at a local casino from which he ended up being kicked out of, according to a new TMZ report.

Cincinnati PD has confirmed Jones was "acting disorderly" at JACK Cincinnati Casino and was asked to leave. Security and police escorted the NFL star out of the building.

One witness tells us Jones had verbally attacked employees at the casino and had an altercation with a casino patron who was trying to record the incident on his cell phone.

We're told Jones also went off on a police officer who responded to the scene and was "fired up" as he left the premises.

This was of course before Jones made his way to the Millennium Hotel Cincinnati before being arrested, followed by Jones allegedly verbally assaulting and threatening police officers, then capped off the night by spitting on a jail nurse and deputy.

It’s worth noting JACK is a sponsor of the Bengals’ organization and they have a new bar inside of Paul Brown Stadium.

There’s very little reasoning for the Bengals to keep Jones on the roster after the latest chapter of his most recent legal debacle, which should be his last in Bengals stripes.

And in case you forgot, this isn’t the first time Jones has been booted from a casino while with the Bengals. He was kicked out of the Hollywood Casino in Indiana in 2015 after going off on casino staffers, the same type of incident he just reportedly had at JACK.

Seriously, why is Jones still on the Bengals’ roster?

The Bengals issued the following statement on Monday night regarding Jones’ arrest:

"We are extremely disappointed with Adam’s behavior. The behavior in the video is not what we expect from our players. The Club is aware that Adam has put forth his own apology, however, we also offer an apology to the public and to our loyal fans."