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Police executive has “zero confidence” NFL will punish Adam Jones accordingly

TMZ seems to be enjoying adding daily news to the Adam Jones arrest saga.

NFL: Adam Jones Archive Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ Sports has been on the case of Adam Jones’ arrest, getting the nitty gritty from the 911 call to the police dashcam video and now, they’ve spoken to the Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations regarding the situation.

Bill Johnson, who leads up a group that represents more than 241,000 officers did not spare words when talking about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Johnson told TMZ Sports he has "zero confidence" the NFL commissioner will punish the Bengals cornerback for telling a Cincinnati police officer that he hoped he died, among other things, including racial slurs.

"Unfortunately, I have zero confidence in Roger Goodell to do anything meaningful as far as punishment,” Johnson said. "Under Goodell, the NFL has stood for Not For Law enforcement. He continuously fails to discipline for disrespecting officers. From Kaepernick's anti-police socks, to not allowing the Cowboys to honor the fallen officers, to supporting Beyonce’s halftime show. He doesn’t have the moral courage to do the right thing."

None of the things Johnson mentioned to TMZ were actually against the law, but, Jones did allegedly break the law on numerous occasions on the morning of January 3, when he was arrested in downtown Cincinnati. On Tuesday, TMZ also found out that Jones was kicked out of the JACK Casino in Cincinnati before going over to the Millennium Hotel where he was ultimately arrested. JACK is a sponsor of the Bengals’ organization and has a bar inside Paul Brown Stadium that opened in 2016.

Regarding the video released from Jones’ ride to jail, Johnson said it was “obviously disappointing and vulgar."

"This is something that law enforcement deals with all the time, but once an athlete or celebrity gets involved, that’s when it becomes newsworthy,” he told TMZ. "The video shows how dangerous this job is for cops. It’s a tragedy that this happens all the time. Law enforcement shouldn’t have to deal with this."

The Cincinnati prosecutor in charge of Jones’ case has pushed back the court date for Jones to appear back in court to February 10. This is supposedly to give the NFL time to act first before the court decides on how he’ll be prosecuted. The NFL has rarely, if ever, acted for the legal process plays out (nor should they), so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.