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Time for Bengals to cut Adam Jones

We make the case for cutting Adam Jones and then ask if you, the fans, agree.

The Bengals have a big decision to make soon regarding Adam Jones.

The star cornerback is once again in trouble with the law, putting his future in Cincinnati very much in doubt. The latest revelations regarding his January arrest paint a very ugly picture of someone who is supposed to be a defensive leader on a playoff-contending team, one that now reflects very poorly on the Bengals' organization.

In light of this new video that shows Jones berating and threatening a police officer, the Bengals should strongly consider parting ways with the talented but troubled cornerback. If they choose to do so, the Bengals can save $6.8 million in cap space next season.

Prior to Jones’ arrest, the Bengals were very likely keeping him for next season, despite seeing a drop off in his play. He finished 2016 ranked 45th among Pro Football Focus’ top 119 cornerbacks. He turns 34 when the 2017 season begins, so it’s hard to see him getting better, making him a cap casualty candidate even without his arrest. Still, before his arrest, you could have essentially guaranteed Jones' spot on the roster in 2017.

If Jones were to be back, that would force Cincinnati to pay his $7.6 million salary for 2017. He is also owed $6.6 million in 2018 (if he’s on the roster at that point), even though Jones is now 33 and clearly on the decline after a career year in 2015 led to his three-year contract during the 2016 offseason.

And with Jones making so much, it was unclear if the team would be re-signing their other starting corner, Dre Kirkpatrick, who is set to hit free agency this offseason. Kirkpatrick would easily be one of the best cornerbacks hitting the open market in March, and some team would pay more than the Bengals are likely willing to offer, especially with Jones under contract.

The Bengals would save about $13 million over the next two seasons by cutting Jones. The Bengals could then take that and have more money to give Kirkpatrick, who they should not allow to leave this offseason.

Jones' latest arrest is embarrassing and unnecessary for the Bengals' organization to deal with and you'd think they'd expect far more from their players, especially veteran player.

We think it's time to cut Jones. Do you? And does the video released this week from the police dashcam during his arrest change your mind about the decision?