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Bengals Bytes (1/30): Learning from others

What can the Bengals takeaway from the Patriots victory over the Steelers last week? Eric Weddle made it a point to bring defense back to the Pro Bowl. The Cardinals are eagerly waiting to hear back from two of their star players about retirement.

NFL: AFC Championship-Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals help lift AFC

First of all, nobody got hurt. Second of all, Andy Dalton ‘s postseason turned out to be a lot like his regular season Sunday night when the Bengals quarterback overcame three sacks to engineer 10 points and snap a 7-7 tie while helping the AFC to a 20-13 victory over the NFC in the first Pro Bowl ever in Orlando, Fla.

Cincinnati Bengals QB Dalton helps AFC win Pro Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Kansas City Chiefs tight end and University of Cincinnati product Travis Kelce on Sunday night to help the AFC defeat the NFC 20-13 in the Pro Bowl.

What The Bengals Can Learn From The AFC Championship Game

The 2017 AFC Championship game was anything but close as the New England Patriots demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the lopsided game looked like a case of one team being flat out better than the other, the Patriots strategy created a blueprint that the Bengals should take note of.

AFC North Bytes

Mike Florio Shifts Goalposts On Steelers-Antonio Brown Conspiracy

It is the nature of Mike Florio in his natural environment to seize upon a minutely controversial topic and spin it into a variety of angles of speculation, likely knowing full well that what he says is often nonsense. We got a glimpse of Mike Florio in his unencumbered environs once again penning yet another piece about how badly the Pittsburgh Steelers hate Antonio Brown and secretly want somebody to trade for him.

Six years later, the trade that still tortures the Browns receives a Super Bowl airing

Super Bowl LI is about New England’s Bill Belichick and Tom Brady stalking a record fifth Super Bowl title together. It’s about Brady avenging Commissioner Roger Goodell’s controversial suspension for allegedly cheating in the 2014 season AFC Championship game by tampering with the footballs.

Baltimore Ravens | Eric Weddle: We Brought Defense Back To Pro Bowl

The veteran safety cherished his Pro Bowl experience and helped hold the NFC stars to just 13 points.

Random Bytes

Monday Morning Digest: Brady vs. Goodell and Other Key Super Bowl Matchups

Super Bowl week is about much more than the Super Bowl. It's also about Hall of Fame selection, the NFL Honors awards show and the halftime show, not to mention the commissioner's State of the NFL press conference and thousands of media members from around the world descending on Houston to write about everything from the commercials to Tom Brady's preferred brand of toenail clippers.

Chris Harris: John Elway will make offseason splashes

Apparently, Broncos general manager John Elway has conditioned his players to get excited about free agency. Speaking to reporters this week, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris was answering a question about his transition into the offseason when he added this about Elway: "After the season hopefully everything starts to get rolling. Once free agency comes you know Elway is going to make some splashes. I'm excited to see who he brings as a part of the team."

John Lynch Hired as San Francisco 49ers General Manager

The San Francisco 49ers announced the firing of general manager Trent Baalke on Jan. 1. On Sunday, the team announced the hiring of former NFL safety and Fox analyst John Lynch to take over the reins.

Cards eager to know if Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald will return

The season for the Cardinals has been over for several weeks, but a huge part of their future still hangs in the balance. As Super Bowl LI approaches and most teams are deep in planning for 2017, Arizona's brass still don't have an answer on whether quarterback Carson Palmer or wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald will return for 2017 or retire.