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Mohamed Sanu picks between Julio Jones and A.J. Green

Which superstar receiver does Mohamed Sanu prefer: A.J. Green or Julio Jones?

St Louis Rams v Cincinnati Bengals

Mohamed Sanu has had the rare fortune of playing with arguably the two best receivers in the NFL.

From 2012-15, Sanu played alongside A.J. Green while with the Bengals. That was in the midst of Green setting a host of franchise and NFL records, which included joining Randy Moss as the only receivers to have five-straight 1,000-yard seasons to begin their career.

But in 2016, Sanu left to sign a big free agent deal with the Falcons, pairing him with superstar Julio Jones. In Week 4, Sanu got to watch Jones catch 12 passes for a Falcons record 300 yards and a touchdown in a win over the Panthers. Jones became just the sixth player in NFL history ever to have at least 300 receiving yards in a game.

So yeah, Sanu knows what greatness looks like, but who is the better of those two? To no surprise, Sanu was asked that very question this week during Super Bowl Opening Night (cough, Media Day). Though he tried to take the highroad and avoided any mini controversies, Sanu did admit he’d side with Julio right now, primarily because they’re teammates.

"It’s tough, but I’d probably have to go with Julio, because he’s my teammate right now" Sanu said in a question asked by NFL Network's Michael Irvin. “I need him (Julio) in this game right now.”

That’s really as good of an answer as Sanu could give without refusing to answer the question. After all, Julio is the one who could help him win a Super Bowl on Sunday. I’d say that rightfully gives him an edge over Green, for now at least. Sanu did say he loves A.J.

Sanu also discussed why he chose to sign with the Falcons this season, which were what the team stood for and the brotherhood they had.

“Julio has helped my game tremendously, taught me little ins and outs of playing receiver and it’s awesome,” Sanu said. “Everyone gets a chance to make plays, everybody eats.”

Sanu will be one of three former Bengals playing in Super Bowl 51 on Sunday.