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Bengals cornerback Adam Jones apologizes to fans during his release from jail

Jones was released from jail on Wednesday morning after spending more than 24 hours behind bars.

NFL: Adam Jones Archive Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was released from jail on bonds Wednesday morning after spending the night locked up. He is facing three misdemeanor charges of assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business in addition to a felony count of harassment with a bodily substance. But, Jones seems confident those charges will be dropped.

"I'll let everything play out in court," Jones told reporters after being released on Wednesday morning, seen in the video below. "Obviously, if you read into it, none of this makes sense. For touching a guy like this (Jones lightly touched a reporter), I got arrested. We’ll see how it goes, and I’m more than eager that this will be dismissed pretty soon.”

Jones, who was booked in jail around 12:25 a.m. on Tuesday, said he has not yet spoken to Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis but hopes to soon.

“I’m sorry that this happened,” Jones said when asked if he had anything to say to his fans. “It would be different if I was beating people's ass, but for touching someone?"

Jones was arrested after banging on doors at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. When security came to check out the situation, Jones allegedly pushed and poked a hotel security employee in the eye. Things only got worse when Jones allegedly resisted arrest, and kicked and head butted police officers in the process. He then also allegedly spit on a jail nurse and jail guard, during normal booking procedures, which caused him to be charged with the above-mentioned felony. Jones had to be placed in a restraint chair due to his behavior once in custody and was required to stay overnight in jail, despite posting bond on Tuesday, due to a judge ordering him to provide a DNA sample.

Even if he’s found innocent, the NFL could still hand down a punishment for Jones, especially since this isn’t his first encounter with the law. This is Jones’ 10th arrest since entering the NFL back in 2005 as a first round pick by the Tennessee Titans. Since joining the Bengals, this is Jones’ fourth arrest.

Jones is expected back in court at 10:30 a.m. ET on Friday, January 13.