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Adam Jones high on NFL Network ranking of top cornerbacks

Someone actually thinks Adam Jones is still a top-10 corner.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals

Adam Jones is still viewed highly around the NFL.

Despite taking a step back in 2016, Jones was still one of the NFL's better corners, especially down the stretch of what turned out to be a tumultuous season in Cincinnati.

This, after Jones was playing at an elite level in 2015, and it appears some around the league still think he's playing at that level. Among them is former NFL cornerback Ike Taylor, who now works at the NFL Network.

Taylor just ranked the top cornerbacks from the 2016 season, and he has Jones coming in as the seventh-best corner.

7) Adam Jones, Cincinnati Bengals (Last week's ranking: 4)

Season stats in coverage: allowed 47 catches for 76 targets for 482 yards, two TDs, one INT, 83.3 passer rating against.

We'll have to see what comes of Jones' run-in with police earlier this week, but I'm here to judge his play on the field. And in a down season for the Bengals, Pacman was a bright spot on the defense. The savvy veteran held down his side for quite some time. Jones never fell out of my rankings -- a credit to the rock-solid play in his 10th NFL season.

I’ll say this about Jones: If the Bengals agree with this ranking and still think Jones is a top-10 corner, I’d be willing to bet they keep him for next season, despite his recent arrest. Problem is, that’s not even close to what Jones was in 2016.

This ranking offers very high praise for a corner who really wasn't that good in 2016. This ranking is likely more in line with what Jones has been in the past two years vs what he was this year, which was Pro Football Focus' 42nd-ranked cornerback.

And with Jones' recent arrest, it's possible he goes from top-10 corner to unemployed in just one year. That’s life in the NFL, though it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for a guy who will be 34 at the start of next season.

Rarely do players at any position have success that late in their careers, or improve upon their younger years and judging by Jones’ play in 2016, don’t expect him to be any different.