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NCAA Playoffs 2017: National Championship Edition

A championship rematch filled with athleticism that is bound to entertain.

The Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Clemson Tigers at 8:00 p.m. ET in Tampa, Florida at Raymond James Stadium.

After last seasons national championship, most people predicted that a rematch would be likely between these two teams, including Alabama coach Nick Saban. Now that it is here many believe the Crimson Tide have the edge, though there are some who believe Clemson is playing at a higher level the last couple games. After letting Steve Sarkisian take over as offensive coordinator for this final game, can the offense gain some consistency they have lacked in recent weeks or will they have to try and rely on their stellar defense to bail them again? Will Deshaun Watson get the better of the Bama defense and bring home the victory unlike he could last season. Can Dabo Swinney finally get the biggest win of his coaching career? The game is bound to produce fireworks, whether it be from a defensive touchdown or a massive run from these mobile quarterbacks so join the thread and follow the game with us.

Let the discussion begin!